Best handheld shower head buying guide

Which one is suitable for your needs?

If you are interested to buy the best handheld shower head, then this question is sure to pop in your mind. What and which type to purchase for your bathroom will entirely depend upon your family’s physical requirements. The other aspects to consider is the shower’s architectural feature, the number of members in your family, if it is your own or a rented house, etc. With this buying guide and honest reviews put up by existing customers, you are sure to select the tone that will suit all your personal bathing needs and also enhance the bathroom.

Improving bathing experience

The best handheld shower head with slide bar when carefully selected is sure to provide quality bathing experience and also cleanse your body the way you desire. Thrifty and slow flow is sure to be found frustrating, especially when you just arrived from the office after a day’s long work or has been out in the sun and looking for refreshment of the mind and the body. At the same time, it should not be excessively strong to waste precious water and sting your sensitive skin. What you need is a flow which is powerful enough to provide relief to the tired body.

Why choose handheld showerhead?

Previously, almost all shower heads that were made available in the market were mounted high and fixed on the wall of the bathroom. This type of shower designed only allowed people to take shower, but with water pouring over their head and then moving down to almost all body parts. But with time, the modern man desires for more sophisticated gadgets that allows him to reach the different parts of the body to derive personalized showering experience. It is here that handheld showers fits the picture perfectly and best purchased from the leading portals like Amazon.

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Top 5 Best Handheld Shower Heads Reviews 2020

1. ShowerMaxx | Luxury Spa Series | 6 Spray Settings 4.5 inch Hand Held Shower Head | Extra Long Stainless Steel Hose | Easy-to-Remove Flow Restrictor to MAXX-imize Shower | Polished Brass/Gold Finish

best handheld shower head

If you are looking for a handheld shower with extra long hose to provide greater reach to your different body parts, then it is the Luxury Spa Series from ShowerMaxx.


  1. Excellent customer reviews.
  2. Very reasonably priced.
  3. Deluxe design, peerless function and durable craftsmanship
  4. Multiple setting and includes power massage.
  5. Eco-friendly water-saver trickle to offer better shaving and lathering.
  6. Solid ABS heat resistant material used in its construction
  7. Precision engineered nozzles and flow restrictor (easy to remove) to ensure self cleaning and anti-clogging.
  8. Friendly support team


  • Available in different exciting colors like brass, bronze, brushed nickel and chrome.
  • 6 adjustable spray to soothe your moods and desires.
  • 70” long stainless steel hose stretchable to about 80”.
  • Lifetime warranty and peace of mind assured.
  • This item weighs approximately 1.75 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 4.9” x 4.3” x 10.6”
  • Water consumption & flow rate is 2.5 GPM
  • Assembled diameter is 4.5”

With this product, you can actually convert your bathroom into a comfortable and luxurious spa and enjoy your showering session. A fabulous choice for people wanting luxury and for luxury hotels!

2. Culligan HSH-C135 CHR Filt SHWR Head Hand Held Showerheads Hand Held Hand Held

best handheld shower head with slide bar

This hand held shower head from Culligan is not only affordable, but also very much popular among home owners who want to redefine the style of their existing bathroom or want to construct a new one.


  1. Excellent customer reviews and immensely popular. Enjoys high ratings.
  2. Affordably priced
  3. Showerhead has been fitted with anti-clog rubber spray nozzles to help reach those isolated muscles to provide good massage.
  4. Tools-free filter and showerhead installation.


  • Available in chrome finish and color.
  • Comes with five spray settings to provide added comfort.
  • It is provided with WHR 140 filter cartridge to filter chlorine, sulfur odor and scale to about 10,000 gallons to provide cleaner, softer skin and hair.
  • Patented filter-media bacteriostatic.
  • NSF International certified and system tested.
  • Metal hose of 5” can be installed on any ½” standard threaded shower arm.
  • This product weighs approx. 2.15 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 4.5” x 8.5” x 14”
  • Comes with manufacturer five year limited warranty.

This filtered hand held shower head has been designed to meet the stringent EPA 2.0 GPM water sense certification standards and just perfect for your modern bathroom.

3. Aquadance by HotelSpa 24-Setting Slimline Showerhead and Hand Shower Combo

best high pressure handheld shower head

This is a stylish looking hand shower and showerhead combo which is just the perfect selection for your bathroom. Installing it will immediately transform your bathroom into a refreshing and inviting spa.


  1. Extremely affordable on the pocket.
  2. Showerhead & handheld shower with three way combo for greater reach and comfortable showering experience.
  3. Offers 24 full & combined water-flow patterns including five full setting high powered showers.
  4. Patented rub clean jets water diverter and anti-swivel lock nut with adjustable overhead bracket.
  5. Special feature provided is the massaging head.


  • 4” oversize chrome face
  • Three zone click lever dial
  • Super flexible 5’ chrome finish hose conical brass hose-nuts to allow easy and quick installation and hand tightening.
  • Comes with ten year limited warranty
  • It weighs just about 1.2 pounds.
  • Its dimension is approximately 6” x 5” x 9.5”
  • Is available in chrome, silver and grey colors
  • Is provided with chrome finish and ABS, chrome material is used for its construction.
  • It is circular in shape and is wall mounted.
  • Flow rate is 2.5 GPM

This is an amazing product known for its durability and functionality. Although very affordably priced, the manufacturers have not compromised on the quality aspect of this product.

4. G-Promise Filtered Handheld Shower Head,Health Care Shower Set 6 Spray Showerhead with 10-Stage Filter of 2 Cartridges, Adjustable Metal Bracket, Extra Long flexible Hose, Oil Rubbed Bronze

best removable shower head

If you are looking for a handle held shower that comes with lots of features and allows you to use different settings to have a magical showering experience, then it is G-Promise filtered handheld shower head.


  1. Positive user reviews
  2. Elegant looking design
  3. Comes with a durable and strong, patented metal bracket, made from 100% solid brass to match the filter perfectly.
  4. Filter eliminates chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sediment, pesticides and bacteria.
  5. Easy and effortless installation


  • Available in different colors like brushed nickel, chrome, chrome with filter and oil rubbed bronze with filter.
  • Guaranteed 10 stage filters to provide refreshing bathing session.
  • Cartridge usable for 10,000 – 12,000 water gallons or for 6 months approximately.
  • Long 63” hose stretchable to 75”. Furthermore, the filer length allows hose extension to 79.5”.
  • Six function showerhead for satisfying shower experience.
  • Aerodynamic design, engineering grade ABS shower head, 4.5” face multilayer oil rubbed bronze.
  • 10 years manufacturer guarantee
  • Weighs 3.47 pounds
  • Its dimension is 10.7” x 6.5” x 4.4”
  • Is of round shape.

This is an amazing product that you can always trust and also recommend it to the others.

5. HotelSpa 6”/4” Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower-Head/Handheld Shower Gray Spiral Combo w/Patented ON/OFF Pause Switch and 5-7 foot Stretchable Stainless Steel Hose

best handheld shower head

This is an ultra-luxury handheld shower/rainfall shower head that offers unique and healthy showering experience.


  1. Good number of positive customer reviews
  2. Excellent after sales support
  3. Affordable price
  4. Tools-free installation and can be connected to any of the standard overhead shower arm.


  • Available in different styles like the 3 way Hotelspa luxury showerhead system, 4” multi-function hand shower with pause switch and 3 way multi-function luxury showerhead systems.
  • Is gray faced and chrome finish.
  • Enjoy 30 combined and full water flow patterns.
  • Dual showerhead system comes with 6 setting 6” rain showerhead, 7 setting 4” handheld showerhead, patented three way water diverter along with anti-swivel lock nut, 5’-7’ stretchable stainless steel shower hose and angle adjustable overhead bracket.
  • Three zone click lever dial and rub-clean jets
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • It weighs just 1.7 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 6” x 9” x 5”
  • The size is 6” and chrome color.
  • It is made from good quality stainless steel and chrome-plated premium ABS.
  • This product is circular in shape and covers more area.

You can use the handheld shower and rainfall shower head together to separately as desired.

What is considered to be the best handheld shower head: Know the basics

The handheld showerhead is also referred to as the shower spray unit or the adjustable shower head. It comprises of a flexible, long hose having a showerhead that is attached to its one end. A water outlet is attached with the other end. It might include water supply meant for standard showerhead, the sink faucet or tub spout.

What the benefits to be derived by using the best handheld shower head with slide bar

The handheld showerhead is found easier for the reasons given below:

  • The user can now perform his/her bathing tasks without having to stand.
  • The caregiver can provide assistance to the other person in bathing.
  • Parents can easily and effortlessly bathe their children or pets.
  • To rinse shower after usage.

Offers numerous options

The handheld showerhead can be termed to be a simple product due to its simplicity and offering varityping surprising features, options and styles. The main difference is its design of being attached as shower arm, sink faucet, diverter valve or bathtub spout as well as in part types that come included in the unit.

The guide does provide you with an overview of the different types of handheld showerhead items present that can actually help with your selection of the best high pressure handheld shower head. The best place to know the available options present from the best brands is to log onto the reputed ecommerce portals like Amazon. They do offer huge range of selections to choose from and also affordably priced.

Getting to know the parts

Besides the hose and the showerhead attached to, four other parts are present like the following:

  • 3-way diverter valve: It is rather a small connector pipe having 3 openings, with 2 being water outlet and one water inlet. It is between the existing showerhead and shower arm that it gets screwed, thereby attaching the handheld showerhead. Valve is present in its interior along with a switch at its outside. The user can thus, select if the water needs to exit from the overhead showerhead or the handheld showerhead. This part is generally a separate purchase Besdies the handheld showerhead.
  • Shower arm: It is actually a pipe connecting the standard overhead showerhead with the bathroom wall. It comes with threads located at the pipe’s both ends. The shower arm’s one end is screwed onto the pipe located within the shower wall, while the showerhead gets screwed to another end.
  • Showerhead holder: The best removable shower head or the handheld holder can be termed to be a hook or bracket which is designed to hold the handheld showerhead. It is considered to be an alternative to vertical slide bar installation. While showering, it can be used to hang showerhead. This eliminates the need to hold the device the whole time when bathing, thereby offering convenience showering experience. Few holder models have been designed to get attached to wall using screws, while others use heavy duty suction cup or glue.
  • Vertical slide bar: There is a clip and vertical bar to hold the handheld showerhead and installed on shower wall. Any short, tall or even seated user will be able to make the bar height showerhead adjustment, up or down as desired. Few vertical slide bars have been designed to work as grab bar, to offer amazing hand hold for better balance when stepping into or out of shower, standing up or sitting down.

Know the types and options present

You can find handheld showerhead in numerous types and with different parts which can be easily mixed and matched in various ways to offer mind-boggling showering experience. Some common options besides best shower head with hose are given below:

  • Replace shower arm and shower head: If the desire is to make the handheld showerhead with its hose to rest upon the wall, then the current shower arm can be unscrewed and replaced with short adapter pipe or shower arm. Then the handheld showerhead is to be screwed to the new pipe’s end.
  • Replace current showerhead: It simply requires unscrewing of the showerhead present from shower arm. Then the best handheld shower head for low water pressure needs to be screwed in that particular place for greater efficiency.
  • Eliminate existing showerhead to install handheld showerhead and slide bar: Here, the existing overhead shower head & the shower arm is to be unscrewed. The shower arm is to be then replaced with short adapter pipe. The hose of the handheld showerhead is to be screwed to adapter pipe and vertical slide bar is to be screwed to shower wall. It will help to hold showerhead.
  • Install handheld showerhead, showerhead holder and diverter valve: The diverter valve needs to be installed between the showerhead and the shower arm, thereby providing the handheld showerhead hose with an attachment point. The key factor here is that there is insulation of the shower head for holding handheld showerhead and not vertical slide bar. The best detachable shower head is something that is sure to offer amazing bathing experience.
  • Handheld showerhead to cover tub spout: Some of the best handheld shower head models have been equipped with rubber cup type part that is attached to one portion of the hose. It has been designed to slip over the bathtub spout. It features typically ‘universal’ sized cup that can fit tub spouts. But this is limited to few tub spouts, since the shape and size of the latter tends to vary widely. If too loose, then you can purchase metal-worm gear clamp and have it attached to the cup’s external part, so that it gets pressed tightly against spout.
  • Install handheld showerhead, diverter valve and slide bar: If the desire is to retain the overhead showerhead, then you need to install a diverter valve between the best handheld shower head and its shower arm. This way, you can have both overhead showerhead and handheld shower head to be attached together to shower arm. You can also install the slide bar to hold comfortably the handheld showerhead.
  • Handheld showerhead meant for the sink: In case, architectural barriers do not allow you to access easily your shower or tub, then you can consider buying a handheld showerhead model which has been designed specifically to get attached with the sink faucet. It makes washing hair much easier in the sink. Depending upon nozzle shape and size, those created for sinks might work on some sin faucets and not in others.
  • Install bathtub spout along with diverter valve: The current bathtub spout needs to be removed and have it replaced with something that comes with a diverter valve. The tub spouts having diverter valves will include a switch and attachment point for the best high pressure handheld shower head. This allows selection of water flow through handheld showerhead or the tub spout.
  • Install separate handheld showerhead and overhead showerhead: Is your plan to remodel the shower completely? If yes, then installation of the best removable shower head and separate overhead showerhead, with each having its own controls can be a great idea. But ensure that installation of the device along with its controls is done within each reach especially when seated.

Some essential features

It will be essential on your part to select only the best shower head with hose that offers complete relaxation and has plenty of unique and interesting features. Some of the features are given below:

  • Vertical Grab/Slide bar: Vertical slide bars fitted in handheld showerhead devices, in most of the cases are not meant to be used as grab bar. Only few models come with vertical slide bars designed specifically to dual as grab bar and offer greater support.
  • Location of Off/On Controls: Few handheld models have been designed to be standard shower control operated and is located on the shower’s front wall. Other models may come with off/on switch and even pause button present on the showerhead. For seated users, the latter is more user-friendly.
  • Showerhead shape: The best handheld shower head for low water pressure can be found in differing shapes and styles. Classic types come with slight curvature handle to help direct water naturally downwards over user head. The modern versions come with cube shaped wands, straight cylindrical shapes, ring shape head with cut-out center portion and flat paddle shapes.
  • Safety/handle straps: Few models might include C shaped strap or handle to slip hand through, making it possible to hold onto showerhead without getting firm grip. Best fit for arthritic and weak hands.
  • Weight: Those having limited hand strength should choose the best detachable shower head made from lightweight material.
  • Switches: They may include lever style, knob or button type switch. It should be easy to operate.
  • Materials & finishes: You can come across handheld showerheads in varying finishes, materials and colors and ranging from copper to plastic models, ceramic, brass, silver to those finished in pewter, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, nickel, etc.

You can always trust in Amazon to choose the best handheld showerhead for your bathroom and enhance your showering convenience and comfort!


Why buy handheld showerheads?

These days, people in huge numbers opt for handheld showerheads. Although they are a bit more expensive than the fixed showerhead types, they are increasing in demand across the globe. This is because of the in numerous unique and interesting features they come with. Besides the attractive design, these devices are considered to be easy and removable fixtures and can be easily dismounted and mounted as desired. They are also convenient and easy to operate. They can simply be pointed to the particular region of your body to relieve tension. You can come across premium and affordable ranges to suit your budget and specific needs.

Adding luxury to the bathroom

The extra cost that comes with the handheld showerhead is sure to be found highly rewarding. It does offer you and your family with that added luxury showering experience. Now, rinsing out soap and dirt even if there is experienced weak water flow can be quick and hassle-free. Bathing no more becomes a daily chore, but an interesting event that you and your kids will want to indulge in every now and then. Moreover, the handheld showers are found to be excellent functional additions to the modern bathrooms having tubs in shower area.

If you are eager to make the most out of the purchase and get quality devices at affordable and discounted price range, then it is Amazon that you should trust in.