Best high pressure shower head buying guide

Perhaps you and your family are eager to renovate the bathroom and make it a luxurious place to spend quality time bathing. If you are searching for an amazing showering experience and more powerful shower, then you definitely have to consider the best high pressure shower head for your modern bathroom. They are sure to provide you with an invigorating and exciting shower. Your house may probably receive low water pressure or the existing shower head has become old and inefficient. In such cases, it is quite natural for flow of water to become slow and weak. You will not derive satisfaction from taking showers.

How to address such issues and enhance your shower performance?

What is low water pressure?

Before trying to purchase a high pressure shower head, it will be wise to know what actually is causing the problem of receiving low flow of water from your shower. If it is low water pressure coming from the corporation, then you do not have to get disappointed. There are available top quality high pressure showerheads from the best brands. You can choose them at the leading ecommerce portals like Amazon, where you will be able to enjoy huge discounts and door delivery.

Again if multiple fixtures present in the home experiences low pressure water, then the issue is likely to be with the water pressure in the whole house. A qualified plumber should be contact for further assistance and to determine what the issue is exactly about as well as to come up with the best possible solutions.

Some common problems faced and remedies

Few common problems that might lead to experiencing low water pressure are leakage within the water mains, faulty presume regulator or problems faced with main shut-off valve. Water pressure boosted is generally suggested if the area experiences low water pressure. This pump system connects to the water supply to increase low water pressure. You can have a look at the best high flow shower head that does assure style and high pressure water flow.

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Top 5 Best High Pressure Shower Heads Reviews 2020

1. WASSA High Pressure Shower Head – 3″ Anti-clog Anti-leak Fixed Chrome Showerhead – Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint with Filter – Ultimate Shower Experience Even at Low Water Flow & Pressure

best high pressure shower head

Are you upset with your existing showerhead? Worried about not getting sufficient amount of water to have a pleasurable showering experience! If so, then you should immediately replace it with the latest introduction by WASSA.


  1. Comes attached with self cleaning nozzles
  2. Tool free and easily installed within minutes.
  3. Provided with chrome finish and made from premium ABS breakage-free durable material.
  4. It is round in shape
  5. Wall mounted type
  6. Angle adjustable
  7. Easy to maintain and effortless to clean


  • Comes in attractive silver color
  • It is 3” compact and offers superior, powerful rain spray, even if pressure of water is low.
  • 45 silicon jets prevent hard water and lime buildup.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • G1/2” threads can be connected to any of the standard arm.
  • Item weighs 3.2 ounces only and is lightweight
  • Its dimension is 1” x 1” x 1”
  • Water flow rate is 2.5 GPM
  • Accessory connection type is ½”

It is a high pressure showerhead that lives up to user expectations and also budget friendly. It is meant for homes experiencing low water pressure and flow and to provide the best showering experience.

2. Speakman S-2252 Signature Brass Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head, Polished Chrome

best high flow shower head

If you are looking for a designer high pressure adjustable shower head within your budget range, then it is Speakman S-2252 Signature Brass Icon Anystream model that you should select for your bathroom.


  1. Amazing positive reviews about the product and after sales service.
  2. Really affordable price.
  3. Is provided with patented Anystream 360 degree technology to allow effortless transition across diverse spray settings.
  4. Distributes water evenly to allow perfect coverage.
  5. Spreading of water controlled by patented plungers while leaving the nozzle. Allows pressure buildup and intensification.
  6. Sediments and hard water buildup prevented by self cleaning plungers.
  7. Corrosion resistant polished chrome finish.


  • Available in variety of colors to choose from like polished chrome, satin brass, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze.
  • Available in different sizes to suit your specific needs like 1.75 GPM, 2 GPM and 2.5 GPM
  • Solid brass, durable construction.
  • Item weighs approx. 1.2 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 4” x 2.8” x 4”
  • It is round shape and has manual power source as well as jet pattern.
  • Comes with lifetime limited warranty.

This is a wonderful showerhead that provides powerful performance even if there is found low water pressure.

3. Shower Head,KZKJ High Pressure Air-Injection Rainfall Adjustable Showerheads Anti-Clog Rain Showerhead Chrome

best shower head with high pressureIf you are searching for a showerhead that provides you with powerful rainfall effect, then no look no beyond than KZKJ air injection rainfall adjustable high pressure showerhead that is sure to provide you with satisfactory showering experience.


  1. Very affordable.
  2. Self cleaning rub clean jets to provide easy cleaning and to avoid lime buildup.
  3. Modern design, angle adjustable, high quality ABS material
  4. High pressure precision engineered jets.
  5. Provides gentle, full, pearl type rain shower to cover whole body and to produce exciting feeling.
  6. Silicone jets prevent hard water and lime deposits.
  7. Rust proof and durable


  • Comes with a 4.2” large showerhead
  • Premium chrome finish
  • Comes with 10 year limited warranty
  • Self cleaning 64 powered anti-clogging nozzles.
  • Created from heavy duty, robust, ABS plastic materials.
  • Weighs about 8.8 ounces
  • Product dimension is 3.9” x 3.9” x 3.1”
  • Comes in chrome finish.
  • Circular in shape and requires wall mounted installation
  • Water consumption is 2.5 GPM

This product has been designed to offer superior performance even under low water-pressure conditions. It is equally easy to be installed without using any tool.

4. ShowerMaxx Premium Shower Head – Luxury Spa Rainfall High Pressure 6” | Removable Water Restrictor | High Flow Rain Fixed Showerhead in Polished Chrome Finish | Bring the Spa to Your Home

best high pressure handheld shower headThis is a premium showerhead that offers luxury spa like rainfall shower to provide mind boggling experience.


  1. Excellent customer reviews
  2. Amazingly priced
  3. Elegantly designed to appear stylish and functional.
  4. Adjustable ball joint to allow flexible and easy adjustment for achieving the desired perfect angle.
  5. Removable flow restrictor.
  6. Self cleaning silicon jet nozzles to prevent buildup and for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  7. Sand filter disk and all inclusive showerhead kit.
  8. Solid heat resistant and great al round finish to derive that modern, stylish look.


  • Available in chrome, brass, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze colors.
  • 90 high pressure precision engineered nozzles to offer that luxury spa experience.
  • 6” face plate to provide full coverage to your body and offers that rejuvenated and refreshed feeling after every shower.
  • 5GPM superior high pressure jet water flow.
  • ABS body material and polished chrome finish.
  • Lifetime peace of mind warranty
  • Weighs around 12 ounces
  • Its dimension is 6.5” x 6.4” x 3.3”
  • Wall mounted and flow rate is 2.5GPM

With this showerhead, you are sure to experience spa kind of shower right inside your bathroom and get relief from muscle tensions and pains emerging from the different parts of your body.

5. 12’’ Square Rain Showerhead with 11’’ Adjustable Extension Arm, Large Stainless Steel High Pressure Shower Head,Ultra Thin Rainfall Bath Shower with Silicone Nozzle Easy to Clean and Install

best shower head for high water pressure

MeSun has managed to make a name for itself in the domain for coming out with defend types of designer high pressure showerheads that can work efficiently even with low pressure water supplies.


  1. Provides full body coverage, is highly durable and corrosion resistant.
  2. Luxurious shower design
  3. Tool free installation process
  4. Dynamic, full skin massage


  • Available in two sizes like 12” showerhead with arm and 12” showerhead.
  • Made from 304 durable and rust free stainless steel with chrome finish.
  • 12 inch large square shaped showerhead.
  • 11” showerhead arm created from durable and solid brass. No leakage or breakage!
  • Adjustable showerhead for better height and angle.
  • Air-in and ultra-thin technology combination ensures high pressure, strong and optimized to suit any water pressure.
  • Five year manufacturer warranty.
  • Its weighs approx. 4.1 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 13” x 12.6” x 2.9”
  • Comes in chrome color and brushed chrome finish.
  • It is a square shaped shower head.
  • Flow rate is 2.5GPM

You can completely rely upon this showerhead to offer you with rich, spa like shower and also appear great to look at. Provides consistent powerful rainfall type shower whenever desired

Choosing the Best Showerhead by Replacing the inefficient one

If you experience low water pressure in your house, you need to first identify the cause. If you face problems in identifying the correct reasons, then it will be wise contacting the qualified plumber. If other fixtures are found to perform well, but the water pressure is low, then it is high time to replace the existing inefficient showerhead with the best high pressure shower head. This is indeed a great start and is sure to provide you with an amazing showering experience.

Tips to choose the best showerhead

  • Self cleaning abilities: The high pressure showerhead that you plan to purchase should come with low maintenance and self cleaning features. This will save you good amount of time and energy and ensure getting the right amount of water each time you switch on the shower. Minerals, sediments and hard water are likely to get deposited over time, thereby reducing the showerhead’s overall performance. The self cleaning feature ensures that such issues do not take place for a very long time.
  • Durable and the best quality showerhead: Always buy top quality showerhead from the leading brands available in the country. You can come across hundreds of models and brands at the top shopping portals like Amazon. There are available premium and budget range products of different types to suit different moods and preferences. You need to select the best one that matches perfectly your family expectations and requirements. The showerhead needs to offer powerful performance at all times.
  • Powerful design: Often design of the showerhead is found to be an issue causing problems with the water flow. It is only the best high flow shower head made of superior quality material and well designed that will be able to optimize water flow and offer powerful spray to cover the whole body. It will boast of using the latest technology and made of uncompromising, quality performance design standards.

You can come across numerous portals and blogs that do offer useful tips on how to find the best showerhead for the bathroom. You need to be very clear about your specific requirements\ to ensure that the investment made is not a waste. It is only a good showerhead that will reinvigorate and rejuvenate your body and mind and provide sooth feeling and relaxation to your muscles.

Some facts to know about the best shower head with high pressure

The truth is that an amazing showerhead is sure to make a great difference between inspired, productive moment and so-so moment. What you need to do is to purchase a modern, stylish and affordable high pressure showerhead that not only offers you with outstanding showering experience, but also can be water saving. If you are environment conscious and want to contribute towards saving fresh water for the forthcoming generations, then choosing a high pressure shower head is the best way to start. They will save plenty of water with each shower and also offer you with more bigger and powerful drop that is desired by your body. Also, you will be required to be compliant with your local water usage regulations, failing which you will invite unwanted penalties and fines.

Some little known secrets to know

It will be really useful to buy a product that comes with high ratings. The head and fittings should be produced in the U.S. or a country that is well known for its reputed brands. ABS plastic and brass are considered to be best materials used for its construction as it is durable, can withstand rough usage and is not leak or damage prone. Also, it will be useful to not buy the very first one that you come across. Amazon has really an amazing collection of the best high pressure handheld shower head ranging from different models and brands. Going through their different features will help you to identify the right one for your bathroom.

You can limit your search by availing pressure gauges to check water pressure supplied in your area. This should be done before starting your shopping session. Low water pressure can be real pain. If very low water flow or pressure problems are faced, then you can find solace by purchasing the best shower head for high water pressure. The manufacturers do assure their customers that their products are designed to tackle such problems efficiently. For low water pressure, you can use a shower head that comes with 1.85 GPM setting. For slight low pressure, an aerated version of regular shower head can be used. The right showerhead when installed will enable you to derive constant water pressure and relaxing shower. Even water consumption is low, which means more savings on the water bill and saving the planet!

Making the selection process easier

For first time buyers of the best high pressure shower head, selecting the most appropriate one can be troublesome. This is because, there is readily available whole lot of options in the market and at the lead-in portals like Amazon. With stiff competition, manufacturers have been trying to use modern technology to launch new innovative designs that come with several interesting money saving features and to provide maximum relaxation. Different showerheads developed are said to have different types of mechanisms. It enables them to generate more water pressure, even though the area experiences low water flow pressure.

Various types

There are several options readily available, depending upon the desired pressure and the purpose to fulfill. Few shower heads might depend upon the bathroom shape and size or available space. Few showerheads are designed to provide thin rainfall like powerful streams which are undoubtedly enjoyable, when taking cold or hot showers. There are also showerheads designed with adjustable heads meant for different purposes.

Its construction

Different types of materials used in the best high flow shower head tend to define the shower’s durability factor. The popularly used materials are brass and copper that are said to be leakage and damage free.

The manufacturers also are said to use the latest state of the art technology in its construction, so as to enhance its overall functionality and efficiency. They also design it to be capable enough to save precious water and to meet the stringent local laws governing usage of water in the region. Different kinds of adjustments tend to alter the jet size and number in the shower.

Variety of choices to make from

You are free to choose from different types of showerhead models offered by the leading brands. Handheld or dual showerheads are growing in popularity. The showerhead’s size also does play a crucial factor. Those with limited showering space should be careful to check out this particular aspect during the purchase.

Stylish designs

You can easily come across hi-tech products and simple designs. The price depends upon the features and the designs provided. Cost difference could also be due to the quality of materials used and the brand. Basically, the best shower head with high pressure has been designed to provide users with large amounts of water pressure and still use same water flow amount. It is why, it is termed as high pressure showerhead.

Such showerhead generally come attached with restrictors allowing 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) water into it. If you want more flow of water during your showering session, you can simply remove the restrictors placed in it, which are easily removable. The high pressure one will allow you to derive more pressure and save precious water in the process. The top shower heads providing high pressure water flow are likely to include adjustable design. It is meant to allow water flow out of holes present in it, but with high pressure. Few might also use pressure chamber to add pressure and air to the head to force more water out.

What are the benefits of using the best high pressure handheld shower head?

The high pressure showerhead has been designed to provide its users with several advantages. Employing the most efficient ones, using modern technology, it is possible to save precious water. The design of such product is as such that it uses very less water, however does not compromise on the showering aspect. You are likely to derive high pressure water flow at all times which when will hit your body will be found invigorating and exciting. The high pressure shower is sure help your tired body muscles to get fully relaxed by providing good massage. The powerful jet streams which come out of the head do clean the shampoo and soaps from your hair and body thoroughly. Since the head has been designed to provide full coverage to your body, you can experience wetness everywhere and feel relaxed. This will also save on energy, time and money.

Increasing water pressure!

With all the above given tips, you simply need to log onto the reputed portal Amazon to find out the best shower head for high water pressure. This way, the low water flow rate can be increased by the showerhead into high speed ones.


Showering is indeed a wonderful way to clean your body, especially after a long tiring day at work or getting ready for the whole day’s challenge. Taking proper shower will allow you to stay fresh throughout the day and also relax your tired muscles before going to bed. Whatever be it, you need to find a shower that fits perfectly your body needs and specific preferences.

High pressure shower heads are personal preference and if you plan to install one in your bathroom, then there is no other place better than Amazon. You can buy your choice of high pressure showerhead that is designed to tackle the low water pressure supply in your house. You can adjust the showerhead’s flowing ability depending upon your moods.

There are many who might prefer using dual headed showers or dual showers to derive more water during their showering session. The same can be achieved effortlessly by using the best and branded high pressure showerhead. It is sure to offer you with more powerful shower, something that you are going to love and recommend to others, who probably might be looking for similar products. The product chosen needs to be durable, easily maintained, come with self cleaning abilities and also affordable on the pocket.