Best rain shower head buying guide

These days, people are interested to decorate the different rooms in their home including the bathroom to enhance its beauty. If you want to undertake renovation project, then the bathroom definitely should be given more importance. This is the place, where you and your family are likely to spend some quality time trying to get refreshed. Using the best rain shower head can completely change the appearance of the bathroom.

About rain shower head

This is not any regular bathroom accessory to funnel water via a nozzle. Rather, the shower heads have become more of a fashion statement. The best rainfall shower head when carefully selected is sure to make the modern bathroom appear functional, attractive and be enjoyed by everyone. Regular activities like taking a bath can be converted into a pleasurable, enjoyable and sensual retreat and provide relief from the day to day work related stresses and worries.

Varieties of rain shower head gadgets are available in the market. But the best place to get authentic, top branded products at discounted rates is Amazon. It can provide you an amazing shopping experience, something you have never felt before. Going through this buying guide can help you to get to know about the different options available with the portal and also check out the reviews. This in turn can help you to make smart purchase decisions.

More about rain shower heads

You can find shower heads in numerous price ranges, sizes and versions. The fixed head designs have been mounted upon ceilings or walls. Few come with handheld nozzles and others are jet water sprays or fixed in its position. The type of style and finish is very much customizable to meet unique needs, taste and to match the room settings. Oil rubbed models are found classy and elegant. The LED based rain shower heads do change color depending on how cold or water the water is.

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Top 5 Best Rainfall Shower Heads Reviews 2020

1. SparkPod Shower Head – High Pressure Rain – Luxury Modern Chrome Look – Easy Tool Free Installation – The Perfect Adjustable & Heavy Duty Universal Replacement For Your Bathroom Shower Heads

best rain shower head

Are you seeking the best quality, branded shower head for your modern bathroom? SparkShower Head is the perfect choice to meet your budget and design requirements.


  1. Easy tool free installation, means you can connect it within 5 minutes to any of the standard shower arm.
  2. Removable, hassle-free water restrictor
  3. Helps to save precious water and offers high end spa experience.
  4. It is made from good quality plastic material and is circular in shape.
  5. It is wall mounted device
  6. High pressure device having superior finish and offering great bathing experience


  • Is available in chrome as well as chrome and black matte
  • Additional water filter and Free Teflon tape for easy fitting.
  • Self cleansing nozzles provided by 90 Powered anti-clogging silicone jets
  • Thirty day money back guarantee combined with one year free replacement warranty
  • It weighs 9.3 ounces and is of 0.79” thickness
  • Its dimension is 6.9” x 6.4” x 3.9”
  • Flow rate is 2.5 GPM
  • Water consumption is 2.5 GPM

It is the perfect rainhead to enhance the luxury quotient of your bathroom and jet out high pressure hot water in rain form to douse your entire body with downpour.

2. AquaDance 3328 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo for The Best of Both Worlds-Enjoy Luxurious Rain Showerhead and 6-Setting Hand Held Shower Separately or Together-Chrome Finish

best rain shower head combo

This is a three way rainfall shower combo that offers the very best bathing experience. This six setting hand-held shower can be used together or separately to derive luxury feeling.


  1. Affordably priced
  2. Tested vigorously by US showerhead experts to ensure highest US performance and quality standards.
  3. Tested independently to meet US compliance standards
  4. It is easy to be maintained
  5. The hand shower can be used as handheld or overhead shower.
  6. Six setting hand shower comes with pulsating massage, power rain, power mist, rain mist, rain massage, water saving mode.
  7. Designed entirely in the USA
  8. Easy tool free connection


  • 7” Chrome face high power click lever dial rub clean jets
  • Angle adjustable modern design all chrome finish
  • It has large 4” face high power click lever dial ergonomic grip handle rub clean jets to offer easy cleaning.
  • Three way patented water diverter
  • Angle adjustable overhead bracket
  • 5 ft. extra flexible stainless steel hose
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weighs 2.27 pounds
  • Its dimension is 7” x 4” x 10”

This premium rainfall showerhead is the ultimate appliance to be fitted in your bathroom to give it that modern, luxury appearance and be appreciated by everyone.

3. SARLAI Solid Square Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel 12 Inch Adjustable Rain Shower Head

best rainfall shower head

This is one designer shower head that is sure to leave you completely amazed and your neighbors to praise you of your decision to install one in the bathroom.


  1. It is available in several colors to match your existing bathroom décor.
  2. Offers superior quality rainfall showerhead experience.
  3. Adjustable, fully body coverage waterfall
  4. Easy and effortless tool free installation
  5. It is wall mount type
  6. Affordably priced


  • #304 stainless steel is used for its construction and does not have any kind of fragile plastic parts.
  • The shower head is of 12” size and the 196 nozzles will offer superior shower experience.
  • 11” solid brass wall mounted extender adjustable extension showerhead arm.
  • Stainless steel polish finishing, 2mm eco-friendly ultra thin to make the bathroom appear shining and fancy.
  • Lifetime warranty with regards to product repairs. For initial 3 years after purchase, defect/quality issue products are replaced by SARLAI warrants without any charge.
  • It weighs about 4.25 pounds
  • Its dimension is 13” x 12.7” x 2.6”

This is one showerhead that should be installed in your bathroom and make you feel proud. Such is its quality and performance that you can recommend it to anyone.

4. AquaSpa Giant 9-inch Diagonal Square Rain Shower Head PLUS 11-inch Solid Brass Angle Adjustable Extension Arm. 121 Jets with Rub-Clean Nozzles. Front and Back All-Chrome Finish. Sleek Square Design

best rain shower head with high pressure

This is a giant shower head that is sure to provide you with a rich and superior showering experience whenever you desire. It will help you clean your body and provide you with immense relaxation from the stress of your busy work schedule.


  1. It is a fabulous gift pack for the new year!
  2. You can set the shower at the desired angle, reach and height.
  3. Can be mounted within minutes and without any hassle.


  • It is available in square and round shapes to fit your moods.
  • It comes with 9” mega size chrome face, 131 run-clean jets and 11” solid brass height & angle adjustable extension arm.
  • Back & front are all chrome finish.
  • The 9” giant face has 105 rub clean jets.
  • There is provided angle adjustable brass ball joint
  • 180 degree angle and height adjustable
  • Can fit hand shower and shower head
  • 2’ vertical movement range
  • Lifetime US limited warranty combined with live customer service US representatives
  • Item weight is 1.3 pounds
  • Its dimension is 9” x 9” x 3”

This product does offer its users with a luxurious rainfall type of spa shower.

5. ViVer Shower Head Nine Inch Certified Shower Heads Adjustable High Pressure Rain Shower Head Easy Installation no Tools Required Chrome

best rain shower head

This shower head is designed to be stylish, functional and enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom. It is equally easy to be installed and does not require any professional assistance.


  1. It is really affordable on the pocket.
  2. It can be connected to any standard shower arm
  3. For adjustable stream flow, install removable flow restrictor within bath shower head. To derive high pressure, remove the same.
  4. It enjoys fabulous ratings from its present users.


  • Is provided with adjustable solid brass ball
  • Made from superior quality German quality durable material
  • Comes with ACS, TUV and DVGW Rheinland quality certifications.
  • 106 anti-clogging silicone jets self cleaning high pressure channel water with X2 power through waterfall showerhead.
  • 9” face plate and premium ABS body comes with polished chrome finish
  • Product weighs approximately 1.05 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 9” x 9” x 2.3”
  • It comes in chrome color and has modern design
  • It is round in shape and external diameter is of 9”

This rainfall shower head does create dense, steady, high water flow to soothe and relax your muscles. Made from corrosion-free materials, it is worth the investment.

Purchasing the right type and the best rain shower head for the bathroom

Nowadays, rain shower heads are fast becoming a fad in modern homes. Since they have become affordable and easily available, there is no need to spend a whole lot of money on bathroom renovation. You can simply update and replace the existing hardware fixtures with the best rain shower head.

Choose the right type

When it comes to purchasing the best rainfall shower head, you need to keep in mind the aspect that there are several types of rain shower units available with the leading portals and physical stores. They can be found of varying prices, ranging from those expensive sophisticated stainless steel to the affordable simple chrome unit. The aspect that you need to take into consideration is the head price. Expensive fitting is not always desirable or to sacrifice on its functionality for style. It becomes all the more crucial to ensure that you are very careful with your selection process and choose the right and the best rain shower head with high pressure for your bathroom.

Few things to be considered during the selection process

  • Finish: You can come across rain shower fittings made from stainless steel or chrome materials. You can also select from oiled bronze, brushed nickel or white, which will depend upon the type of look desired in your bathroom.
  • Wall, Ceiling or Hand-Held: Some shower heads are designed to be fixed on the ceiling, wall or are hand held types. In case the current one is a wall fixed type and you can easily retain this arrangement, instead of experimenting with other types. If a complete makeover of the bathroom is planned, then you can come up with new plans to re-route the pipes, which will not be an issue. But overall appearance and individual taste does matter a lot. Often, handheld shower heads get mounted to the bathtub or the wall.
  • Shape: There are shower heads that can be found in round, rectangle or square shapes and with varying diameter. The round type tends to range between 6” to 16” in diameters, while the square ones vary from 8” to 20”.
  • Water pressure: This is one particular aspect that should not be neglected during the selection process. Larger the surface of the shower head, the much higher is likely to be the water pressure coming out of it. Small sized shower head can also offer that desired ‘rain’ effect. Choosing the best rain shower head combo will enable each member of the family to have a great shower session and will want to have repeatedly.
  • Temperature settings: Some shower heads do come with temperature setting adjustments allowing you to select cold or warm water as desired to derive that much soothing and relaxing shower.

Significance of proper and thorough research

There are extensive options available in the market and hence, you need to take a wise, well researched and informed approach when buying one for your bathroom. Hasty decisions will only lead to wasting precious energy, money and you will also not derive the desired look of the bathroom. With research carefully done and honest reviews checked, the shopping experience can become all the more fun filled, less stressful and completely enjoyable. It will also allow you to buy the very best product at affordable rates and also enjoy huge discounts on your purchase. But you need to be very clear as to which type of product will match perfectly your needs and designs.

You can place orders at Amazon portal and have the selected item shipped right at your doorstep within the specified timeframe. You can also come across special offers, deals and discounts, which can convert into huge savings. Convenience to match different types of bathroom accessories with price, is what actually sets this portal apart and to be ahead of its competitors. Getting expert opinions, using online catalogs and checking out user reviews can give a much better idea to find the best ceiling mounted rain shower head.

Benefits of deriving the best rain shower head

You might probably be interested to start your day with a warm, nice, relaxed bath. However, if your existing shower head provides you with hard jet water, rather than something that is relaxing and slow flowing, then it can be really miserable. Having a good quality, slow flowing water shower is sure to be felt comfortable and provide you with a fresh bathing experience. Getting hold of the best rainfall shower head is sure to offer you a pleasurable showering experience.

What is rainfall shower all about?

This type of shower head ensures that its users are provided with ‘rainfall’ effect within their bathroom settings. The best rain shower head with high pressure can be expected to make water flow over your head similar to that of natural rain. Such shower head types are often ceiling or wall mounted and even hand held. The type to choose will depend upon your own preference. They can be distinguished by crucial disk appearance and holes. Water flows in gentle manner through these holes.

The best rain shower head and handheld combo are created from chrome or metal and even from plastic. The best rain shower head for your bathroom is surely to be one that is durable, is functional, stylish and enhances the appearance of your bathroom. Manufacturers faced with demands from their customers and competition is coming up with new styles and designs every now and then. So getting one to suit the current bathroom theme will not be any trouble. You can also opt for those expensive higher end models that come with realistic ‘rainfall’ systems. It will be just like experience natural rain, but inside the comforts of your bathroom.

Know the benefits of installing the best rain shower head and handheld combo

Since the rain shower head offers you with rainfall type of shower, you do not have to wait for the rainy season to soak you with its natural showers.! You can always relax your tired mind and muscles after before going to or after coming from the workplace. Your daily baths will no more seem to be a chore, but a process to get mental and physical relaxation. No more will you have to bear those painful water jets that sprout water or your looking forwards to leaving the bathroom as early as possible.


Where the rainfall shower is to be installed is stated to be another benefit that you can enjoy with shower heads. The ceiling types need to be fitted directly overhead, thereby making washing your body and rinsing more easier, effortless and fun filled. It is unlike that of the traditional wall mounted shower types that need you to adjust your body constantly to wash yourself fully clean. Some prefer handheld heads as they can be used on the different specific body parts with great ease and as desired to get better cleaning.

Customizing bathing experience

With the best rain shower head combo at your disposal, you can simply customize how you take your bath regularly. You can buy devices that are fitted with special mechanisms. Special regulators for instance come with inbuilt water pattern, thereby allowing you to determine the water streams’ hardness or softness.

Massaging effects

You can buy shower heads which emit hard rain streams to moderate rainfall. This will again depend upon the kind of massaging effects that you desire to have. The shower heads having swiveling joints allows you to adjust water steam to preferred angles. It will ensure that water does not flow down directly in case not desired. It can be even used as a sprinkler. The task can be achieved by adding special mechanism. However, it is likely to come with some expense.

Irrespective of the type of showerhead you choose, you need to keep in mind the type of mechanisms desired in the product and budget in hand. You can always depend upon Amazon to buy the best ceiling mounted rain shower head.

Are square showerheads in huge demand than other types?

Shower heads are being improved and updated periodically to provide superior quality showering experience. With the easy availability of innovative modern variants, customer design and trend seems to move towards aesthetics and designs instead of functionality. Still the new and luxurious square shower head types are said to have both: Style & Functionality. Given below are both functionality and aesthetic feature desired in the shower head and considered to be the best thing to be purchased for the bathroom.

Design art deco rain shower head

This can make the shower experience to be really mystical and comes with a wall escutcheon and an arm. It is art deco inspired and has sharp, clean design and found in varying finishes, including oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel and chrome. Accessory provides rain type rejuvenating and relaxing shower experience.

8” by 8” square rainfall showerhead

This artistic design comes with superior standard functionality and constructed using solid brass to ensure greater durability. It can provide rainfall type of exciting shower.

Range of shower heads

It will be useful to go though the collection of a brand that is well known for its quality, style, functionality, aesthetics and affordable pricing.


Usefulness of the shopping guide

The shopping guide does help you to understand the available models, designs and brands in the market. It also helps you to narrow down all the available options including the kind of budget that you need to keep aside for the purchase. You can also get the nitty-gritty details along with warranty offered on the product. This will allow you to purchase and install the same with peace of mind, satisfaction and happiness. Comparison shopping will allow you to consider the pros and cons that come with each and every product and to narrow down the selection process.

With handpicked collections of all top brands and models, you can complete the selection aspects much faster and do not have to compromise on the quality aspect. Amazon is the best online shopping portal where you can shop for the best rain shower head product without having to worry about anything. It is a wonderful portal and is a real treasure trove having details pertaining to rain shower heads, thereby speeding up the purchasing process. Amazon, considered to be among the leading shopping portal in the world does offer huge collection of different types of shower models.