Buying the best rv shower head

There are many who just cannot live without having showers every time they come back home from outside. If you are one of them, then you do need to have the best rv shower head installed in your vehicle, something that will provide you with good flow of water, without wasting this precious resource. As a matter of fact, there is nothing better or luxurious than taking hot, long high pressured shower in the RV.

To have a mind-blowing and wonderful shower experience, the key ingredient is stated to be water pressure. These days, showers are available with multiple heads with water shooting out of wall as well as from above simultaneously. Massaging and steaming the muscles can help provide complete relaxation and can be a fantastic experience.

Enjoy spa like shower in the RV

You never might have imagined that you will be able to derive spa type shower even inside your RV. This is more so, if you tend to dry camp. If not attached to limitless water supply, then water is not likely to go quite far and you will be left unsatisfied with your bath, especially during the hot summer or cold winter season. Majority of the standard shower heads fitted in the RV are considered to be miserable pieces constructed from cheap plastic materials available in the market. They do not last long and also does not offer the desired pressure. The fact is that many first time RV owners find themselves at loss when they get to see the shower in the bathroom. This is where modifications should be made. Introducing and installing the very best shower head available in the market will be a great idea and it need not be expensive on the pocket.

You can simply check out rv shower head reviews at the top portals like Amazon and make the correct decision to invest in one.

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Top 5 Best RV Shower Heads Reviews 2020

1. Oxygenics Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit

best rv shower head

The latest product to be introduced by Oxygenics in the market, namely the 26481 Spa RV shower kit has been a bit hit among a good number of RV owners. You will enjoy installing it in your RV.


  1. Competitive pricing.
  2. Great reviews from present users.
  3. Patented Oxygenics technology to amplify existing water pressure. Widens coverage as well as reduces water usage, thus extending water tank life.
  4. Reduces shower time using special spray pattern.
  5. Non-stick internal parts to prevent clogging and mineral buildup, even during hard water conditions.


  • SmartPause valve does help to preserve tank level through quick limiting of water flow when soaping and maintain consistent water temperatures.
  • Comes with 60 degree hose, handheld shower head, wall mount holder, SmartPause valve and plumbers’ tape.
  • Weighs just 1.4 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 12.1” x 6.5” x 4.4”
  • Metal color

This appliance does ensure faster rinsing and washing and is a great product for those with long hair. Overall a stylish product that is a must have in your RV and sure to make you a proud owner. It is equally easy to control water simply with a button push.

2. Dura Faucet DF-SA130-BK RV Shower Head and Hose Kit (Black)

best rv shower head

If you are looking for a quality showerhead for installing in your RV, then this is the perfect choice and brand. Dura Faucet is known to come out with durable products that are worth the try and investment.


  1. Great and affordable pricing structure
  2. Fabulous customer reviews.
  3. Lightweight and durable
  4. Easy and comfortable grip wand base design
  5. Water-saving trickle valve switch
  6. Matching flexible hose made of synthetic material to provide that modern look and feel.
  7. Created from premium quality lightweight synthetic resin.
  8. It is designed to be fade and corrosion resistant.
  9. Besides nice looking, it is also fully functional.
  10. Easy and effortless installation without requiring expertise.
  11. American Company.


  • Attractive black in color. Also available in white, oil rubbed bronze, chrome, bisque parchment, brushed satin nickel and venetian bronze colors.
  • 60” hose.
  • 2 gpm flow rate @ 60 psi
  • 3 L/minute @ 414 kpa.
  • UPC & CUPC certified and lead free
  • Weighs just 13.6 ounces
  • Its dimension is 8” x 2.3” x 7.9”

This is a wonderful handheld shower head & hose set which is just perfect to replace your existing standard sized model. You will be now able to shower comfortably, luxuriously and confidently.

3. PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head Unit with Powerful Shower Spray w/Pause Setting, Multi-Functions, Bathroom Accessories w/ 59” Hose, Bracket, Hose Clock

best rv shower head

This stylish shower head is the perfect solution to all your woes in the RV. You can now take luxurious shower inside the RV without having to worry about the environment or wasting precious water.


  1. Excellent customer reviews.
  2. Fabulous prices for premium quality product.
  3. Handheld shower heads meant exclusively to be fitted at RV motorhomes.
  4. Offers high pressure for better and quick cleaning and rinsing
  5. Hi-strength water pause tends to impact RV showering experience.
  6. Multi-functions offer alternative options.
  7. Provide three interesting functions like pause, pulse massage and powerful shooting


  • PAUSH setting to offer powerful spray shooting
  • 2XP upgraded Turbo charging through water conservation principle.
  • Product dimension is 6.6” x 3.3” x 8.4”
  • Its weight is just 1 pound.
  • It is available in ivory color.
  • Comes with handheld shower, adjustable bracket, flexible hose of 59” length and manual instruction for better product understanding.

This company is said to focus mainly on quality, design and functionality of the products that is introduced by them, thus making it a wonderful and worthy purchase. Using this appliance is sure to enhance your overall showering experience.

4. Oxygenics RV Shower Head with Hose Bundled with Pipe Thread – Chrome Showerhead

best rv shower head

Oxygenics has been trying to come out with different types of showerheads meant for various places and sizes. This is one of the products that have been a huge hit among RV owners.


  1. Reasonably priced
  2. Good customer reviews
  3. The package offered comprises of two items namely Chrome shower head with pipe thread and hose.
  4. Enjoys fabulous ratings for users.
  5. Non-stick internal parts do ensure that there is no clogging and mineral buildup at any point of time, so as to ensure free and fast water flow.
  6. Corrosion and rust free.
  7. Offers consistent performance.
  8. Extra pipe thread has been offered for improved functionality.


  • Comes with 5 spray settings for luxurious and comfortable bath.
  • 72” hose to ensure that all body parts are provided with proper water supply.
  • Attractive Chrome color
  • Weighs just 1.85 pounds
  • Package dimension is 12.7” x 8.2” x 4.1”

According to the manufacturers, this showerhead has been designed exclusively to be fitted in the RVs and can help save precious water. With its installation, you will be able to reduce water usage, without having to compromise on your bathing session.

5. Camco 43712 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch (Off-White)

best rv shower head

Although there are different brands and types of shower heads available for the RV in the market, the one that has managed to stand out of the crowd is the Camco 43712 RV Shower head.


  1. Thousands of raving reviews from existing customers.
  2. Very popular and enjoys huge sales.
  3. Very low and unimaginable pricing for such a quality product.
  4. Quite stylishly designed and fully functional
  5. Easy and quick installation not needing any expertise or skills.
  6. It is just perfect to be installed on boats or RVs.


  • Available in off white color as well as in white and chrome colors.
  • It is available in different styles. this one is shower kit type.
  • On/off switch present allows pausing of flow of water when shampooing. This automatically reduces water usage and saves on precious water.
  • Shower head is of 4” in diameter and its total length is about 9”
  • There are provided 5 spray pattern choices to choose from, ranging from gentle massage to drenching rain.
  • Rubber spray tips ensure easy and effortless cleaning.
  • It weighs only 9 ounces.
  • Its dimension is 10” x 7” x 1”
  • 1 year limited warranty and 30 day labor warranty

This is indeed the product that should be in your RV.

The best rv shower head buying guide

If your new or second hand RV has been pre-installed with factory shower and your are not exactly happy about the same, then it is high time to do away with it and introduce the best rv shower head. It is a known aspect that the factory heads are stated to be miserable plastic pieces offering limp pressure that is completely undesired. Using the top shower head that is designed and built exclusively for the RV, you can enjoy rinsing and washing your body and have immense fun.

Some key things to check out when investing in high pressure rv shower head

  • Handheld shower head: Most RV showers that come fixed are considered to be notoriously small, such that it does not offer proper water stream or sufficient water to cleanse the body satisfactorily. You do not have all day to clean all soap in your body and also get tired of using the same. You might be required to move its head around for ensuring that all your body parts are drenched properly. The handheld type will prove to be more than handy if you have a pet.
  • Low gallons per minute (GPM): If dry camping or boondocking, then water consumption is likely to be one of your major concerns. It will be necessary to invest in a shower head that has low GPM rating. Today’s showerheads do offer good water pressure, thus allowing you to preserve water for future generations. Showerheads having 2.0 gpm flow is the right choice to make.
  • Water pressure: Using only your water pump, you will not be able to enjoy good water pressure, unless your RV is connected to any external water source. Also, there will be required to use water pressure regulator on the rig’s external part to ensure that the pipe interiors does not burst due to extremely high water pressure. The best shower head for rv is designed to compensate for such lack in water pressure. With little amount of water (low gpm), they add to the stream some air to enhance pressure and are really functional and comfortable.
  • Reliably/durability: Reviews put up by current users of the product will be extremely helpful to make the right decision to buy one for the RV. You should always check out for honest reviews put up in the leading shopping sites like Amazon. Not all products are good or meant to serve the same purpose. When checking customer reviews, it will be necessary to find out customer satisfaction ratings and the duration of the product’s presence in the market including of that of its manufacturer.
  • Low flow or shut off valve: It is definitely an important feature that should not be missed out or neglected during the selection process. It is essential to conserve water as much as possible when boondocking. This will require shutting of water if not rinsing at any point of time. The valves provided already in the RV shower heads are not known to shut flow of water completely, however, do stop flow to a mere trickle. This does actually avoids shutting off cold and hot valves and simply wastes on precious water when trying to get back the temperature.

Will the best rv shower head with off switch save water?

According to the industry experts, the modern, advanced RV shower heads are designed to save water. For example, if water of one gallon is being used for rinsing soap off the body, then it will require taking two showers. Here, the first shower helps to trickle out water and the second one comes with good pressure. It is undoubtedly the second that that will enable proper, effortless and quick cleaning of soap from the body. But the former trickle shower type will require wasting of another half gallon for cleaning off the soap. It is how the best pressure shower head is said to work, using less water in less time frame.

Will the water saving appliance live up to my expectations and save money on water?

The experts do claim that the advanced RV showerhead will last for around 8 minutes. The regular non=saving type is likely to use approximately 3.8 gallons a minute. At this rate, around 30 gallons is likely to be used, which is a colossal waste. This perhaps might be the end of whole fresh water tank! In case, there is a family with children residing, then you are likely to be in deep trouble. Using low flow shower head as well as following the tips and reviews put up by the others in the leading portals like Amazon, it becomes possible to save useful money. Although there are several places to recharge the exhausted water tank, the less water used for bathing, will culminate into more savings.

RV Shower: How much water is used and some tips to save precious RV water

For RVing, rv water shower is considered to be a crucial aspect. There are many who are eager to know how to make proper use of fresh water in RV. The RV shower on an average is said to use about 30-35 gallons in a day, but is likely to vary for some. For those with single kid, the per day usage is likely to be in this volume. The amount of water used when taking bath will depend upon the time that is spent under the shower as well as the flow rate. but, if more time is clubbed with high flow rate, then it means more water in the tank is wasted in the process. This is because, fresh water tank of the RV is not big in size. Prior to taking such long shower, it will be wise to consider the other usages of water. The conservative and right way to use water in the RV smartly will be to install the best rv shower head for low water pressure. You can buy them at the best rated shopping portals like Amazon and enjoy your bathing session, without having to worry about water wastage.


If you are planning to buy a showerhead for your RV, then you can check out the different brands and models available at Amazon. This portal does boast of having huge collection of showerhead to suit all purposes, needs and budget. There are available some good ones which is claimed to use less gpm and comes with low flow valve. You also have the freedom to buy any product of your choice, something that is not only stylish, but also functional and effortlessly to be installed and sure to save on water.

Previously, the RV showers were not considered to be some luxurious items. However, advancements in technology has made it possible for interested shoppers to get something of their choice. you are sure to enjoy your camping without having to worry about water wastage or not getting sufficient stream of water to cleanse your body. If you need assistance to select the best rv showerhead, then you can have a thorough and proper look at the reviews put up by existing customers of Amazon who might have purchased similar items. Their answers will give a clear idea of which one is to be purchased and the rest to be avoided.