Best shower head for low water pressure guide

As a homeowner, you may perhaps be worried about wastage of precious water in the bathroom and also do not want to compromise on the quality of shower taken every day. If this is what you have in mind, then it becomes important on your part to choose low flow showerhead that will not only help save water, but also valuable money.

Reduced utility bills

One essential aspect that all homeowners tend to consider is to identify how they can cut down living costs, without actually cutting down or compromising on quality of life, style, comfort, luxury and convenience. Manufacturers these days have become wary of the growing demands and needs of the homeowners and are trying to come up with different types of items for the household. They also assure that their products are worthy of the purchase and can save money when used in the long run and also enhance comfort and the luxury quotient. One such item that is a must have in every home is the best shower head for low water pressure. When installed, they are sure to add up serious high savings with time. Also, you will be satisfied with the knowledge they are inexpensive and help the environment to be safe and protect precious water from getting wasted.

Best invention

The best shower head for low pressure is regarded to be among the best inventions created in recent years for those who are environmentally conscious. The low flow showerheads do function quite well and are designed to produce high pressure water flow, even when they receive low pressure water supply. At the same time, they can reduce amount of water that is used by GPM (gallon per minute) and by approximately 20% water. These devices are highly durable, attractively designed, highly efficient and can save water in the real sense!

You can have a look at the different models and brands at the leading portals like Amazon to shop your favorite product.

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Top 5 Best Low Water Pressure Shower Heads Reviews 2020

1. Speakman S-2251 Signature Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Solid Brass Shower Head

best shower head for low water pressure

If you are looking for a stylish showerhead meant for lower water pressure, then you can always choose Speakman S2251 model Signature JIcon Anystream high pressure adjustable solid brass shower head for your bathroom.


  1. Competitive pricing structure
  2. Equipped with 360 degree patented Anystream technology to allow user to transition effortlessly through various spray setting to enjoy even water distribution.
  3. The patented plungers help to control water spreading when leaving the nozzle, thereby allowing pressure buildup and intensification to offer powerful performance.
  4. Self cleaning plungers for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Corrosion resistant.
  6. Comes with faucet and given brass/antique finish
  7. Is round shaped


  • Available in varying sizes like 2.5 GPM, 2 GPM and 1.75 GPM to suit your specific needs.
  • Available in variety of attractive colors like polished chrome, brushed bronze, brushed nickel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, and polished nickel.
  • Solid brass, durable construction.
  • This item weighs around 2.64 pounds
  • Its dimension is 4.5” x 4.5” x 4.8”
  • Provided with lifetime limited warranty

Overall, an amazing product that you should install in your modern bathroom to have pleasurable showering experience!

2. Shower Head- High Pressure Rainfall Shower Heads- WarmSpray 9” Luxury Thin Top ABS Rain Shower Head- For the Amazing Rainfall Spray Shower Relaxation

best shower head for low pressure

If you are looking for a relaxing showering experience, then WarmSpray rainspray shower head is the best and affordable choice to be made for your bathroom renovation project.


  1. Fabulous customer reviews.
  2. Offers perfect pressure for low water pressure situations.
  3. Provides high rain flow and excellent performance.
  4. Free to choose suitable showering angle as desired.
  5. Prevents hard water and lime deposits and also easy maintenance and cleaning features.
  6. Easy and quick installation.
  7. Can be connected to G1/2 universal standard shower arm without using tools.
  8. Durable, does not rust, high temperature and corrosion resistance, lightweight.
  9. Angle adjustable


  • Is available in both thin and thick (9”) version
  • Self cleaning nozzles with 108 anti-clogging TRP Jets.
  • Made from ABS Engineering plastics of premium quality.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the product.
  • This item weighs approx. 1.05 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 9” x 9” x 1.6”
  • Comes in attractive chrome color and given chrome plated finish.
  • Is thin and circular in shape and requires wall mounted installation.
  • Water flow rate is 2.5 GPM

This amazing product is sure to make you a proud owner and be praised by everyone.

3. LumoSpa SH01 Rainfall Shower Head 8 Inch Chrome

best low flow shower head

LumoSpa is a reputed company well known for coming out with different types of showerheads to meet the growing expectations of its customers. You can have a look at the recent introduction of this company like the SH01 rainfall shower head.


  1. This is one product that is amazingly priced and comes with great quality and high performance.
  2. The manufacturers guarantee this product not to lose pressure, leak or break easily.
  3. Can enjoy powerful rainshower even during low pressure areas.
  4. The laser welded seams assure constant pressure possible and stays water tight.
  5. Self cleaning nozzles assure no annoying blockages.
  6. Flexible silicone jets ensure avoiding lime scale build-up and maintenance-free device.
  7. The device angle can be adjusted to suit kids, women or men and offers spa luxury.
  8. Easy and effortless, tool-free installation.


  • It is available in square and modern styles.
  • It is 8” wide and also is made from solid 100% heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Lifetime guarantee or money back.
  • Lifetime, risk-free replacement guarantee.
  • It weighs 1.25 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 7.9” x 7.9” x 2”

With this device, you can now have spa type of relaxation right in your bathroom.

4. AquaDance All-Chrome Finish High-Pressure 6-setting Shower Head for Maximum Power. Enjoy 2.5 gpm Spiral High Performance Luxury even under Low Water Pressure!

best low pressure shower head

If you are experiencing low water pressure in your bathroom and want to enjoy high performance showering experience, then it is the 6 setting AquaDance showerhead that you need to choose for your bathroom.


  1. It is undoubtedly among the least priced showerhead available in the market.
  2. Does not compromise on the quality of material used or on its performance.
  3. Is available in varying styles and designs.
  4. Independently tested by the US experts, and meets the current US compliance standards.
  5. Comes with deluxe features
  6. Easy tool-free connection.
  7. Effortlessly fits any of the standard shower arm.


  • It has been designed with 3.5” click lever dial rub-clean jets to offer easy cleaning and to prevent lime buildup.
  • Angle adjustable all-chrome finish with face
  • Provided with six settings.
  • Lifetime US limited warranty combined with Live customer service executive in the US.
  • Weighs just 6.7 ounces.
  • Its dimension is 3.5” x 3.5” x 3.5”
  • Available in chrome color and uses premium chrome plated ABS materials.
  • Is wall mounted type and circular in shape.
  • Water flow rate is 2.5 GPM

This is an easy to install product and angle adjustable to fit your showering moods and needs.

5. Aquarius Handheld Shower Head With Hose (Extra Long) Luxury Spa Grade High Pressure Hand Held Showerhead With 6 Spray Settings – Includes Adjustable Mount Holder & Teflon Tape – oil rubbed bronze

best low water pressure shower head

Aquarius has been in the showerhead industry for quite a long time and is synonymous with producing wide range of showerheads to meet all needs and budgets. The latest introduction from this company is the luxury spa grade superior performance handheld showerhead with hose.


  1. Reasonably priced.
  2. It is a handheld shower head that is convenient and comfortable to be used.
  3. Offers optimum flexibility and durability.
  4. Provides luxury rainfall shower
  5. Offers powerful, consistent spray performance.
  6. Easy and effortless installation.
  7. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Is available in bronze finish, premium chrome finish, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished brass finish.
  • Made from durable premium quality ABS plastic thermo material, with ORB finish surrounding the headshower to offer nice hot showers.
  • Mounted on solid brass swivel-ball connection bracket.
  • Head is of 4.9” width and 56 nozzles are present on main handheld showerhead.
  • Comes with 6 spray setting mode.
  • No question asked, thirty day money back
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weighs just 1.54 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 10.7” x 5.1” x 4.3”

With this showerhead you do not have to worry about leakages and cracks, but only experience amazing showering sessions!

Need for the best shower head for low water pressure

The demand for low-flow plumbing fixtures and showerheads are only increasing with time among households these days. They are designed to be attractive and be very efficient in their functioning. The typical showerhead is said to use approximately 5-7 gallons per minute (GPM). These low flow showerheads tend to minimize water usage to about half to one GPM flow. They do keep pressure high and water hot. The earlier showerheads were known for usage and clogging problems. rather, the new versions are adequately tested, streamlined and also made durable to last for a lifetime. this way, you can ensure not having to purchase another for several decades and thus save more money in the process. They also have to offer excellent results.

Interesting designs

The best shower head for low pressure have got fabulous reviews from its present users, who have shared their honest opinions at the leading ecommerce stores like Amazon. Engineers nowadays, have included jet streams within the showerheads, thereby providing it with the blend of air and water. This automatically provides users with same effect and pressure and also uses less water than before.

Help save water

You may perhaps be environment conscious and be worried about the fast depleting water bed on Earth and is eager to do your bit of saving the planet. This you can do in style. Saving water in the home is sure to have amazing positive effect upon the environment and also be appreciated by the others. Clean water for decades were being wasted by the traditional showerhead. Without conserving water, the future generations are likely to suffer along with the environment. Fish, for instance, loses quality water which is necessary for their survival. As a matter of fact, just 10% of waste water gets disposed properly. It is for this reason, it becomes necessary for each and every citizen of earth to take immediate actions to figure out how she/he can start using less water as much as possible, without affecting present lifestyle and hygiene.

Abiding government law

The US government in 1990 had mandated using of only low flow showerheads in households, due to the colossal negative effect caused on the environment, because of wastage of fresh water. Water which generally found in lakes and streams and falling as rainwater to the ground is removed to be treated in huge quantities, so as to be used by humans, thus causing major imbalance. Choosing the best rain shower head for low water pressure from the best portals like Amazon can help Mother Earth to regain her balance required to sustain life.

Tips to buy the top quality low flow showerhead

You should not buy just any showerhead that you come across first. Rather, you need to undertake thorough research and find more about the showerhead and its features. The manufacturers should clearly specify the strengths of their different products and models and also provide them at reasonable rates. The feature should also include valuable information on how the shower head is unique and what kind of water saving technology has been used in it.

Avoiding excessive usage of water in the shower

If the existing showerhead wastes plenty of water during your showering session, then it is definitely high time to stop using it. The same needs to be replaced with a good low flow type from a reputed brand that will live up to your expectations and save water. It should be powerful enough to offer satisfying showering session, but use minimum water amount.

Things to consider when purchasing the best low flow shower head?

it is by GPM (gallons delivered per minute) or flow that showerheads get measured. pressure of water affects its flow and is measured in PSI (Pounds per sq. inch). Hence, greater is the pushing pressure of water through the showerhead and pipes, much more is likely to be the water volume that gets forced out. For example, 80psi water pressure can be expected to push greater water amount through the showerhead when compared to 20 psi low pressure water. Similar principle takes place if water is not turned on in full blast. Water pressure is noticed to differ from one community to the other and from one house to the other.

Showerheads even few years ago, were said to deliver approximately 5-8 GPM at 80psi. However, the modern low flow head standard at 80psi is 2.5 gpm. Few low flow types are said to deliver just 1.6 GPM. It is only a good quality and the best low pressure shower head that can ensure that feel good fact at both low and high water pressures. Few come designed with flow restrictors with the ability to remove or get reversed to allow excess water via the low pressure lines. This in turn allows you to derive appropriate flow for the water pressure.

The others are provided with automatic restrictors. For instance, one particular brand offers top rated ‘shower massage’ featured showerheads. This devices boasts of sensing automatically available water pressure. Accordingly, it tries to adjust water delivery to 2.5 GPM. You can get to know the flow rate of your existing showerhead by holding under its head, a gallon container. Then find out the time taken to fill up. In case, it fills up within 15 seconds, then flow rate is around 4GPM. Again, if it gets full within 10 seconds, then flow rate is around 6GPM. The best shower head for low water pressure can be termed to be one which needs to take 24 seconds or even more!

Know the types available

Two major low flow showerheads are available in the market, namely, the stationary, regular type and the handheld model that is attached to flexible hose. The latter type is clipped to wall mounted swivel, hanger or bar to provide hands-free showering experience. Flexible hose present can screw directly on the shower arm, to diverter wall placed between the shower arm and showerhead or probably on the deck mounted diverter valve present on the bathtub.

As a flexible hose is included, the handheld types are somewhat expensive. However, they are equally versatile and tend to use water much more efficiently. This is achieved by directing flow to the desired area of the body to derive better cleaning experience. They also tend to provide energy savings being class of fixtures when compared to the stationary heads. This is because, there is short distance to be covered by the water between the body and the showerhead, thus cooling less in air. This way, you are able to adjust water temperature to make it slightly low.

The prices of the best shower head for low pressure from the reputed brands are not expensive as you imagine it to be. Price is not related much to its capability to deliver satisfying shower. It is rather a gauge of its finish, construction materials used and the features that it has been provided with.

Features to look into

One major feature that you should take into account when purchasing low pressure showerhead is its ability to adjust with its spray settings. It can be pulse, spray only, narrow to wide, etc. This can prove to be really useful for the different family members in your family having different preferences.

The easy type of the best rain shower head for low water pressure is one that can be used is the one which comes attached with a lever or adjustment ring on the external part of the head. This way, you do not have to take the pains to reach the water stream’s center for adjusting them, if the need arises. The handy water saving aspect in this type is shut-off at its head, so as to reduce water to about a trickle. It can be useful when washing kids, pets or when applying soap, thus saving precious water.

Low flow options to look at

Two other devices are present in the market which cannot be termed exactly as showerheads. But they are designed to save on precious water when taking showers. They are the shower shut-off control valve to reduce flow as well as provide off/on control above head and the flow control inserts (it is basically a washer having small hole for reducing flow of water). They are designed to fit between showerhead and shower pipe (its arm) and are also reasonably priced.

Few of the best low pressure shower head can be found to combine advanced water saving technologies. One particular showerhead, for example is said to provide low flow at about 1.59 GPM and also tends to feature ingenious valve to allow saving energy that is used for heating water prior to getting into the shower and save water. Water can be turned on to warm up and you can do other regular chores like brushing your teeth. In the meantime, the flow is reduced automatically by the valve to just a trickle as the temperature reaches the set 95 degree Fahrenheit. Once you are prepared to enter the shower, the valve now just needs to get flipped to enjoy full flow. According to the experts, the best low flow shower head purchased from a reputed brand at Amazon is sure to help save over 8-10 gallons of water as well as energy needed to heat the same for every 5 minute shower. This can actually help to save over 2000 gallons of water annually and valuable money.


Save Earth with low pressure showerheads

No more are you required to compromise on the quality of your evening or morning shower. It can now become an easy and effortless task by replacing the existing traditional showerhead with the much more efficient and water saving low pressure showerhead available at Amazon. You can simply stand under the showerhead and experience rainfall like natural shower, right inside your bathroom and whenever desired. Although, you are likely to get good amount of water for all your showering sessions, you can be more than happy to note that this advanced device made from modern technology does help to save precious water and subsequently cares for the planet and future of mankind!

Conserving water

With fresh water becoming scarce at a fast rate, it is now the duty of every citizen of earth to do his/her bit to save water and the planet. Hence, getting some useful tips from the experts and installing low pressure showerhead can help to achieve the set goals and to enjoy a hygienic and clean looking body. You can take showers as much you want without having to regret having low pressure of water from your showering device. Water can be trained off automatically when applying soap to conserve water. The modern automatic devices will sense when water will have to be turned on and off, thus conserving water.

Going through the reviews put up by others at Amazon will help you to make a well informed decision to buy one for your bathroom.