Buy Best Water Saving Shower heads

Probably, you are losing more water during your bathing session, just because of your old showerhead. With water becoming scarce and the government levying taxes on it, there is a genuine need to look for ways and means to save on precious water. This is possible by choosing and installing the best water saving shower head in the bathroom.

Bath or shower: which one saves more water

Usually, quick shower is considered to be more water efficient when compared to a bath. Few high volume power showers are known to use much more water within a time frame of 5 minutes than the time taken to fill up a bath. Therefore, to take the decision whether to shower or bath, there is a genuine need to take into consideration the shower type to be installed in the bathroom, shower head as well as rate of water flow besides time spent to take shower.

Some water saving shower heads

With the right type of shower head, it becomes possible to manage flow rate of water and spray pattern of shower. Also, they can be found in varying sizes, designs and shapes which affect directly water consumption. Prior to investing in a new showerhead, it will be wise to check the water saving shower head reviews put up by the other users. It should come with water saving features that will benefit and live up to your expectations.

Simple test to check its water saving abilities

Using measuring jug, unscrew existing showerhead and place hose end into measuring jug to allow flow of water into it for about a minute. The amount collected in it in 60 seconds will determine the number of liters per minute that is supplied by the system. If it is over 9 liters, then it will benefit from the installation of water saving showerhead.

Recommended to check out this best handheld shower head

Top 5 Best Water Saving Shower Heads Reviews 2020

1. HOMELODY High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with ON/OFF Pause Switch 5-settings Water Saving Showerhead Shower, Chrome Finish Bathroom Puppy Shower Accessories, US cUPC Certific, Alcachofa

best water saving shower head

If you are looking for a high pressure, water saving handheld shower head that is stylish, great looking, easy to use and highly functional, then it is Homelody shower head that you should buy.


  1. Has been enjoying raving reviews from its existing users.
  2. Very reasonably priced for such a wonderful quality product.
  3. It is available in two different styles like only shower head and shower head along with hose.
  4. There is a water saving push button with stop function. This helps to eliminate closing the valve for readjustment of water temperature.
  5. Handheld showerhead for easy reach in those otherwise unreachable body parts.
  6. Tools-free easy installation and suitable for standard shower. Screw-in installation.


  • Comes with five settings, like power spray and massage, rain massage, power mist, pulsating massage and Alcachofa de presion alta.
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty & limited lifetime warranty
  • It weighs just 12 ounces
  • Its dimension is 9.36” x 3.1” x 2.4”
  • It is of chrome color and quite attractive and stylish looking.
  • Made from ABS durable material
  • Provided with CUPC Certification

Overall, this is the product that you should buy for your bathroom and install it, so that your family enjoys using it at all times.

2. Handheld Shower Head, Wassern High Pressure 7 Setting 81 Jets Rainfull Massage Water Saving Trickle Pause Extra Long 80” Stainless Steel Hose Angle Adjustable Bracket 5.2” Chrome-Charity: Water

best water saving shower head

Although there are different types of water efficient showerhead is available in the market, the one that has made the headlines is the one from Wassern. This manufacturer is synonymous with stylish, durable and highly fictional showerheads.


  1. Excellent customer reviews
  2. Premium quality product that is affordably priced.
  3. It has anti-leak modern design and lasting finish that is capable of resisting wear and corrosion.
  4. It is used as both handheld and overhead shower as desired.
  5. Has ergonomic grip handle
  6. 1 finger multi-power dial control.
  7. Trickle pause button to save precious water
  8. Angle adjustable overhead bracket to allow perfect flow direction & extra long 80” flexible premium stainless steel hose, with heavy duty design and easy to clean.
  9. Tools-free easy connection


  • It is showerhead only style.
  • Available in chrome color
  • There are 7 spray settings to provide wider full coverage.
  • 81 angled nozzles
  • High pressure powerful oxygenic spray and 2.5 gpm flow control
  • Weighs just 1.74 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 10” 5.2” x 3.5”
  • Wall mounted type
  • Rainfall shower features.

This shower head with extra long hose is the perfect choice for those who love to take shower under the showerhead and also are conscious about water wastage.

3. High Flow Water Saving Showerhead – 4 Inch Great Water Pressure In Wall Mount Shower Head – Indoor And Outdoor Modern Bath Spa Fixture For Showers, 2.5 GPM – Brushed Nickel

best water saving shower head

There are lots of showerheads in the market that claim to be the best and save water while taking bath. But the one that has managed to live up to the user expectations is the Aqua Elegante introduced high pressure wall mounted shower head.


  1. Amazingly designed showerhead to save water
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. It is a high flow shower
  4. Offers normal shower spray along with high pressure and flow to easily and quickly remove shampoo and soap from hair and body.
  5. Removable restrictor boosts gpm to allow enhanced water pressure to enjoy spa like showers.
  6. Is meant to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  7. Solves hard water and has self cleaning nozzles.
  8. Easy installation


  • It is of brushed nickel. Also available in chrome and oil rubbed bronze colors.
  • Heavy duty, durable ABS plastic with sturdy construction and durable brass fitting to avoid leakage, crack, and also rustproof.
  • Comes with 5 year warranty.
  • Weighs only 7 ounces
  • Its dimension is 4.7” x 4.3” x 4.7”
  • Provided with 4” face and half inch threaded female connection.
  • Circular shape and the unit is wall mounted
  • Flow rate and water consumption is 2.5 gpm

Your search for a better product ends with this showerhead.

4. CLOFY 6-Setting Shower Head with High Pressure, Water Saving Showerhead Multi-Layer Chrome Finish, Acid Salt Spray Test Appearance Standards, Cycle Tested to Ensure Lasting Over 10-Year

best water saver shower heads

It is quite natural for people to seek a relaxing showering experience after a hard day’s work. The Clofy 6 setting shower head with high pressure is the right choice for those looking for soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


  1. Wonderful reviews from present users of this product.
  2. Multi setting like full body spray, full spray along with massage, massaging spray, full spray along with rain AIR, rain AIR pause mode.
  3. On removing water restrictor, you can enjoy high pressure spray.
  4. Rub clean eco friendly jets ensure wiping off lime and calcium building from spray face of hand shower and shower head.
  5. Tiny bubbles produced offers noiseless and soft flow. The aerating restrictor combines water and air to provide same pressure experience, but with lower water amount and to save precious water.


  • 10 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Multi layer plating with high grade ABS construction to ensure longevity and quality. Chrome finish offers reflective mirror look and can resist tarnishing, corrosion and scratches.
  • Weighs around 5.8 ounces.
  • Its dimension is approximately 4.3” x 3.7” x 4.1”
  • Fixed 6 setting shower head.
  • Circular shape & flat head style
  • 5 gpm Water consumption & flow rate
  • ASME & CSA certification

This wonderful product has special features like pause, massaging and is angle adjustable.

5. NOTILUS SURROUND-SHOWER(TM) High-Pressure 48-setting Luxury 3-way Rain Shower Head/Handheld Combo – Anti-Slip Grip, Anti-Clog Jets, Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Hose, Chrome Finish

best water efficient shower head

Hotel Spa is a name that is synonymous with the development and introduction of top quality products. The latest product Notilus surround shower high pressure is a luxury in the modern bathroom.


  1. Fabulous and positive reviews.
  2. Completive pricing for a quality product
  3. Uses state of the art innovative technology, breathtaking design and premium materials.
  4. Affordably priced.
  5. Exceeds durability and highest quality standards.
  6. Rainfall surround shower. The bathroom can be instantly converted into a dual hotel shower spa.
  7. Multiple mixed setting to allow 48 different combinations.


  • It is a high pressure three way rain head & handheld combo. Also available in various exciting styles to choose from, according to individual choice.
  • Two luxurious six setting heads that can be used together or separately by turning diverter switch.
  • 6” & 4.3” giant heads with flexible anti clog jets to deliver good flow coverage and water pressure.
  • Is of 2.3 pounds.
  • Dimension is 4” x 10” x 7”
  • Size is 6” + 4.3”
  • Attractive chrome color
  • Premium ABS stainless steel materials used for its construction
  • 5’ hose length and 2.5 gpm flow rate.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This particular product is considered to be the latest high power performing shower head that has revolutionized the meaning of luxury showering experience.

The best water saving shower head buying guide

With fresh water becoming a crisis everywhere, the government of many countries have levied taxes on water supply, with an objective to save precious water for the forthcoming generation and to stop its wastage. You can also ensure taking adequate measures to do your bit to save on precious water by installing advanced, sophisticated water saving devices in your kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom definitely requires special mention since it is this place that maximum amount of water is used and wasted, especially during bathing. But, installing one of the top best water saving shower head will help to curb usage of water and ensure it is saved in the long run.

How the best water saver shower heads can save water?

The water efficient, top quality water efficient shower head are designed in a way to reduce water consumption, by the following methods:

  • Uses flow regulator to help reduce water flow, but still maintains constant, regulated flow to offer pleasant shower.
  • Uses flow restrictor to reduce flow rate since they tend to ‘pulsate’ water.
  • Aerates water, which mixes it with air for reducing water amount required.

About water saving showerheads

The average shower is said to last about 8 minutes and within this time, an estimated amount of 60 liters are used. The water saving showerhead can be termed to be an excellent feature, which when installed in the shower can reduce dramatically the water amount that is used.

How does it work?

Such showerheads tend to restrict flow of volume of water. The latest models have been created to reduce water volume by half. Still, you will be able to enjoy your shower experience, whenever desired. What you need to understand that a low pressure shower or an electric one probably will not be suitable for the home.


The best water efficient shower head can be found of two major types, namely:

  • Non-aerating showerhead: This type of showerhead is known to restrict flow and squeeze water through its tiny holes. Hence, water that comes out of the small holes are filled with pressure, thereby providing the users with a more massaging and harder showering experience.
  • Aerating shower heads: They are a bit more complex when compared to the non-aerated ones and mix air with restricted water flow. Hence, water that come out from the showerhead can be experienced in higher volumes, thereby replicating the normal shower. Thus, it offers the users with soft and soothing showering experience.

Non-aerated vs. aerated showerheads

As aerated showerheads are said to mix water with room temperature air for ‘flushing’ it out, users are noticed to increase shower temperature to compensate the same.

But water that emerges from the non-aerated showerhead come out in high pressure. Hence, the jets of water striking the body are much harder.

Aerated showerheads are known to produce much soothing showering experience.

Derive the benefits of water saving showerheads

  • They are simply and easy to fit within the existing shower units.
  • They reduce the amount that is used during normal shower.

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Does taking shower convert to more wastage of water?

The fact is that taking shower under the normal showerheads does create wastage of water in gallons. With water becoming more scarce with passage of time and environmental consciousness on the rise among the average citizens, it is high time, you acted to save the planet.

You can do your bit by installing the best branded, top quality, water efficient showerheads in your bathroom that will not only enrich your showering experience and offer you with complete relaxation, but also does its bit to save precious water. You need to check out the reviews put up on the portals like These reviews are given by real users of various brands. Going through them will give a clear idea as to which one will suit your specific needs and bathing requirements. This way, you do not have to end up in something that will only make you to regret later. A good shower head will be functional, made from the best quality materials, durable, save water when being used and also be affordable on the pocket. Do avoid those cheaper versions that are available as they are prone to getting damaged, leakage and will not survive much longer, compelling you to purchase reputedly.